Hunter wall clock from upcycled vinyl record (LP)

Hunting, it's been around for ages, literally. Without it our ancestors would have starved. Hunting was quite a big deal in the old times, but it evolved throughout the ages to what it became today - mostly the free time activity of the aristocrats. They say it's fun to them, and it helps them relax. Well, whatever floats your boat, right? Yet there are people on the globe, to whom hunting is their main job, not a hobby. We present you this wall clock made from an upcycled vinyl LP record. It is a great home decor element in every hunters home and will serve as a wonderful handmade housewarming gift or birthday present.

If you‘re a true hunter, this vinyl clock will definitely be a true hit for your interior. This clock looks amazing in forest huts or anywhere else, where fans of hunting gather.

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≡ Size & package ≡
Diameter of the clock is 12" (30 cm). The clock is shipped in a pizza box (size: 35x35x5cm). It is professionally packed using special cardboard case and prepared to survive all challenges while travelling :)

≡ Specifics ≡
Made from old recycled vinyl record and has random label on it. Anyway, if you want to make it look like a authentic one please choose from different stickers in variations menu. If you would like to have any other picture on the label sticker - make this a custom order and we will prepare any desired picture for 10€.

≡ Clock mechanism ≡
We use high quality silent mechanisms for our clocks. They work using one AA type battery which is not included in the package due to postage regulations. 

≡ Note ≡ 
Every clock is made from the unique vinyl record with different label, so the visualization might be a little bit different comparing to the real item. Every record has it's own history - some of them were bought and lied on the shelf, others were played many times and have seen many parties. You might notice some small scratches or other signs of usage, but that makes them even more unique and interesting :)

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