Arctic Monkeys Vinyl Record Wall Clock

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≡ Size and package ≡
Our wall clock is made out of the 12" (30 cm) vinyl record. A clock is meticulously packed to the 32x32x4 cm size "pizza" box, which is filled with the special foam to protect the fragile material and it can definitely handle its way to any destination in the World.

≡ Vinyl record and label ≡

All our clocks are being made out of the recycled vinyl records. Once purchasing our clock - You can choose any label sticker you like.

≡ Clockwork ≡

We are using the highest quality silent clockworks. You will not be irritated with continuous obtrusive sound, as you might have it on your old wall clock. Clock requires AA type battery.

≡ Notes ≡

Each wall clock is made out of the different vinyl records, therefore it can slightly differ from the image you see on our website. Every vinyl record has its story - some of them were left for many years in the shelves, while the others were spinning on the gramophones, somewhere in the discos and saw some pretty good parties! That is why some of them might have a little scratch or a spot. In any case, all these things make those vinyl records unique and extraordinary.

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